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MERCEDEZ REX and Editorial Fashion Photoshoot

Updated: Jun 21

Mercedez Rex, an Austin-based artist and advocate for creativity, embodies the spirit of chance and unpredictability in her artistic journey. Specializing in surface design since 2013, Mercedez established her eponymous collection of accessories and home goods, driven by a passion for exploration and innovation.

Her evolution into water marbling opened new artistic dimensions, transitioning from textile dyes to vibrant pigments mono-printed on silk, leather, and paper. This shift showcases her commitment to pushing creative boundaries and embracing the magic of spontaneous creation.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Mercedez Rex is also a dedicated educator, believing deeply in the transformative power of creativity for all individuals. Through her workshops, she inspires others to unlock their creative potential by emphasizing playful experimentation and process-driven learning. Her approach prioritizes guidance and instruction while nurturing environments that celebrate personal growth over comparison, perfectionism, and fear of failure.

Whether through her captivating product photography, her distinctive business branding, or her collaborations with Lucero Creative Photography, Mercedez Rex continues to champion creativity as a meaningful and enriching pursuit for everyone.

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