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Austin Woman’s Way Awards VIP Studio

I recently had the incredible opportunity to photograph the Austin Women's Awards, an event hosted by Austin Women Magazine in Texas. It was a fantastic experience capturing the empowering and inspirational moments of the evening.

I was able to take stunning headshots of the women attending the event, showcasing their confidence and strength. The energy and excitement at the event made for some truly memorable shots.

The editorial feel of the photos captured the essence of the evening, highlighting the accomplishments and successes of these incredible women. The color pink, a symbol of femininity and empowerment, was a prominent feature in many of the photographs.

Overall, photographing the Austin Women's Awards was a fantastic experience that I won't soon forget. I am grateful for the opportunity to capture such powerful images and to be a part of celebrating women's achievements.

(If you are one of the participants use the access code: WOMAN to download your images.)

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