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3 things you should look before hiring a photographer

Updated: Jun 3

As the daughter of a portrait photographer, I remember how awkward I felt sometimes, specially in my teens. It ain't easy to be in either side of the camera, we tend to do better photos when we feel in good hands, knowing you are feeling good about having your picture taken., trusting your photographer that would make you look your best.

Personal Branding Photographer
Lucero Valle Brand Photographer

If you are thinking to hire a professional photographer these are my 3 things you should look for:

1. Style: Not all photographers are equal, each of us has our own unique style and expertise. Check out their portfolio, look for the colors, if they images are retouched naturally and the overall feeling of his work, is he good at studio or outdoors, maybe both. If you are looking for headshots perhaps he is not a good match if you only see family portraits and viceversa.

2. Investment: Like everything else in life you get what you pay for. Perhaps you have a tight budget at the beginning of your profession (hey no judgments for selfies when they are well done). But once you are ready to level up your game, a professional photographer will create the image that will send the right message for high-end clients.

3. Usage and Rights: Usage is the different ways the client can use the images while the rights are the permissions that the client and photographer have to use the images. For example the usage for headshots is very different from printed publications or publication in a magazine. Rights are usually shared by client and photographer, meaning the photographer can use the images for their personal and commercial usage, but the client not always have access to the full and exclusive rights. Is always important to check with the photographer the permissions and rights for the images you create together.

Ready for your next photoshoot? See you on the other side!

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